Puzzle 1500

Puzzle 1500

Puzzle 1500 has more than 1500 jigsaw puzzles to choose from
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Puzzle 1500 has more than 1500 jigsaw puzzles to choose from.
Here you will find landscapes, abstracts, famous art among other.
It is very easy to play since the only thing you have to do is click, drag and drop the puzzle in the right place.
You can also make a contest with it since it has multipayer mode which is so fun, you can play with your friends ans see who is faster at puzzles.
This Puzzle 1500 is so complete that you can even create you own puzzle with the picture you like the most, just import the picture into the Puzzle 1500 and you can start playing with your picture.
You can choose among the different pictures and also among the different number of pieces you want in your puzzle, you can have 100 pieces puzzle for the younger of the family or the people that does not know haw to play very well and 1600 pieces for professional puzzlers.

No More Lost Pieces!
Save partially completed puzzles until you’re ready to finish them.

Play for Fun
or, for the ultimate challenge, complete your puzzles playing against the clock.

Vanesa Paez
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  • Easy to play
  • Multiplayer


  • Commercial only
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